energy is what his work is about, both technically and spiritually...and...good old wholesome Zen Lunacy, the important ingredient in Pallas' make-up....
Tom Bloomer, Detroit Artists Monthly"

(Pallas) is one crazy good artist."
Jef Bourgeau - Founder and Director of the Museum of new Art.

The humor which Pallas brings to his work allows him to express clearly his declared concern with kinetic interaction between viewer and sculpture without descending to pedantry.

Madeline Burnside - Art News

...uses humor, inventiveness and poignancy to make his point about the environment, health, sentimentality and the contemporary world. 
You come away from this show satisfied on many levels and smiling at Pallas' inventiveness.
Keri Guten Cohen
- Detroit Free Press

Jim Pallas is a Detroit original with the tinkering genius of Henry Ford I combined with the ironic wit of Marcel  Duchamp.
Joy Colby. Detroit News.

Jim Pallas does an exceptional job of honoring these giants.  ....Jim created one of the most moving exhibits I have seen this past year.  
Colin Darke  - ART21 Magazine

" of the most original artists of our time...   He is a genius. "
Patricia Lay-Dorsey - artist/author of "Falling into Place" 

Zany, surrealistic, and Ingenious. . . as emanations of Paul Klee's Twittering Machine come back to haunt us in the language of our bizarre technology.' 
   Shelly Estrim, Art/World. NYC.

 "An artist well-known to Detroit, where he was born and educated, Pallas has ,been producing innovative kinetic pieces since 1968
. In his unique use of technology, a term associated with Detroit industry rather than Detroit art, he has made a singular contribution to the significant work being created in Michigan today.
... It is Pallas's concern for the role of people in his art that distinguishes his work within the range of kinetic sculpture."  
Mary Jane Jacob - Executive Director of Exhibitions and Exhibitions Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

 ....Pallas's unique and joyous machines partake of both science's intricate technological precision and nature's delicate structuring....
Whatever their genesis, Pallas's works remain dynamic living systems. As such they can present clues to help us grasp the exquisite beauty inherent in our lives within this shifting, flowing world.
Diane Kirkpatrick PhD, Catalog of Detroit Institute of Arts.
.Pallas — an anti-art punk who "bought out of the American Dream" and an electronic art pioneer given props in Frank Popper's seminal Art of the Electronic Age...
Rebecca Mazzei. Metrotimes Detroit.

Absurd. Eccentric. Wacky. Absolutely. But that very eccentricity gives vent to some of our most prophetic creations. It's not Pallas' way of being trendy, or
nurturing the arty-nut in us but rather
his commitment to anti-patness, to the exceptions in any system and the spirit of satire and play that is often their precipitator.
Marsha Miro. Detroit Free Press.

...a body of work that is innovative and interesting, particularly in the way the sculptures respond 'physically' to the presence of the onlooker.
Hedy O'Beil. Arts Magazine, NYC.

...amazing imaginative scope, funny. irreverent. entertaining.
Sue Taylor. Dialogue, Chicago.

"(Pallas) is considered an important, trail-blazing artist." 
MaryAnn Wilkinson - Curator of Contemporary Art, Universty of Michigan Museum of Art.

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