This bare printed circuit board has become a popular artwork. Partly, I suspect, because of its $100 price. The initial edition  was twenty boards but I have not declared an edition size.  So, when I sell out the first edition, I will make another twenty.  Another factor in its popularity is that although it looks great in a frame, doesn't need one since it can come ready to hang from its own chain.  The silvery  image is difficult to photograph so here's a very short video of that aspect.

Post-Sept. 11, 2001 note:
"The open circuit is this society and the closed circuit is the world of religious fanatics: Islamic fundamentalists or groups like Aum Shinrikyo. I think they are
all the same in a way. Their worlds are perfect, because they are closed off."
Haruki Murakami, in "A Japanese Writer Analyzes Terrorists and Their Victims,"

March 2016. The second edition of thirty is almost sold out.   The combined editions now equal fifty.

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