Electronic Heart

Some believe that, before being drilled and "populated" with integrated circuits, light emitting diodes and other electronic components, this 18 by 16 inch circuit board exists as a print. Its image first takes form as a combination of collaged xeroxed and drawn elements on paper and mylar. Next it is photographically transferred to an acid resistant light sensitive emulsion which coats a laminate of a thin layer of copper and on an red epoxy fiberglas substrate. The copper under the negative areas of the image are dissolved by acid. This reveals the epoxy substrate. Because no "original" of the image is neccessary, and because the processes of photo-transfer and etching are employed to create the image, some consider this artwork a print like a woodcut or serigraph.
However, because it is not on paper, uses no ink and relies on contrasting materials to create the image, others consider it a "multiple" sculpture.  (Ellen Sharp, the esteemed Curator of Prints and Drawings at the lofty Detroit Institute of Arts pronounced this process to be photographic and "therefore this is a "photograph." !


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