Sad Heart with Propeller and Memories

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The circuit that supplies the propeller's motor is completed through several small brass rods which hang down to contact a current wire. When the electricity is supplied by the controlling logic of the red printed circuit boards, the spinning propeller pulls the rods away from their contact. This shuts off the motor which allows the rods to make contact once again. The result is an action that many observers find similar to a fly struggling to free itself from a spiders web.
The occasionally slowly rotating spoked wheel is festooned with loosely attached beads. As it turns the beads slide and shift. Their rattle and click is slightly amplified by the stretched black paper panels which span some sections of the wheel.

42 x 45 x 15 inches.  weight 10lbs.
Welded steel, electronics, motors, acrylic lacquer, phone
handset, coin purse, orange peel, leaves, sticks, etc.
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