Artworks Listed by Media
offered by the Arta Fundi
at the
Detroit Artists Market.
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"Artists Are Quacks"-  color print by Rose Stasuk
"Illustration" (of Gustafson poem), color print by by Jerome Ferretti
"Cash Flow", color print by Stephen Goodfellow
"Can Fly", "Can't Fly" and "Go, Dog. Go", black and white prints by Daniel Cascardo
"Blizzard", black and white print by Lowell Boileau
"This Is In Fact That Certificate", "Aesthetic Content Certificate", color prints by Pallas

"Something to Spare" and "You Stuck?" written and performed by Larry Pike - FREE
"No Money in Art" written by Jim Gustafson and performed by Robert Jones -
Seven poems written and performed by Ken Mikolowski -

"Borges and Cartier-Bresson", a story by Pablo Cabado performed by Miraim Yezbick with photo by Pedro Meyer -
"Seven Zen Stories", composed and performed by David Barr -  each
Mona Leo Video/Phone Gossip composed by Pallas and performed by Herbert Ferrer. -
"No Time for Art", four minute monolog by Diane Spodarek performed by Miriam Yezbick-
Thalia's Knock Knock Jokes and Riddles  performed by Alexandra Hughes.-  each
"Comment on L.H.O.O.Q" by Marcel Duchamp -

 "Success, I Spit!", poem by M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band -
"Twittering Machine"- musical sculpture, and "Nice Place to Paint" -  and "Weather's So Bad"-  by Frank E. Pahl, David Greenberger and Only a Mother.
"Mona Lisa's Not So Well" a song by Kurt Loren - FREE