Note: The Arta Fundi requires close attention and a willingness to donate money to the Detroit Artists Market.

Hints and Tips for interacting with the Arta Fundi

Listen carefully to the Arta Fundi.  It will tell all you need to know.

If you want an artwork, press the button when it is offered.  There is no way to go back. Arta Fundi will tell you how much things cost and tell you how many "unused Arta Fundi dollar credits" you have left.

If you want to pause the action for any reason at all, switch the red toggle to the  | | position .  The Arta Fundi might not stop immediately. Listen to what the Arta Fundi says while you're waiting for the pause  because when you switch back to play, it will probably be expecting your response.

Use the "Pause" toggle freely.

If the gallery is quiet, it may be possible to skip the preliminary discussion of what it's all about and how to do it.  To do this,  put some dollars (not coins) in while it's saying it's "Hellos" and "What's your name."  Do this quietly and without pressing the button.  If successful you will hear a motorcycle zoom by.

Sometimes Arta Fundi will give you an opportunity to press the button without mentioning the cost or your credits.  You can press the button at these times , no charge, and  a situation will develop where you will be given the opportunity to "buy" something.  But you don't have to.  (For instance, When Max buzzes the Goddess from the print room, the Goddess asks you to press the button if you want to hear what Max has to offer.   If you press the button, Max will describe what he's got and then give you an opportunity to "buy" it. )

You don't have to put more  money in until you hear a guy whisper, "Your unused Arta Fundi dollar credits are all the way down to..."  He will then tell you how much you have to put in to keep going. If you put nothing more in, Arta Fundi will eventually print a receipt, cancel your unused credits and seek another donor.

A list of artworks in their order of appearance and a strategy for getting the most for a small donation: