The Artafundi is controlled by a program in C++ that produces a hypertext dialogue. The visitor's side in this dialogue is in the form of button pushing, money insertion and (spoken) sound. (The visitors sounds can be detected but not recognized as speech or understood by the program.) On the machine's side of the dialogue are human voices, primarily those of the Goddess of Arta Fundi (430 mp3  or RealAudio 43k ),  an enthusiastic docent who suffers no fools and Thalia, the mischievous child Muse of Comedy.  These two personalities guide the visitor through a network of options and other characters such as Mr. Blabbermouth (270k mp3 or RealAudio 50k), Marcel Duchamp (He's a riot!) and Chief Zalewski (mp3  700k)  (or RealAudio-68k), Sub-station bureaucrat trying to maintain standards at the Aesthetic Verifying Sub-station in the  Philosophy Generator of the Arta Fundi Charitable and Cultural Fund Raising Machine.
The dialogue is full of asides, quotes, poems, and sound effects as it coaxes, wheedles, challenges, reasons, denigrates, seduces, and whines attempting to increase the visitor's interaction and monetary contributions. When the visitor eventually refuses to donate any more money, they receive a receipt totaling the amount of their donation.

This dialogue script is easily modified so that references to the sponsoring organization, it's staff and/or interests could be included.

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