The Arta Fundi will offer you various
artworks in return for your donation.

Operating the Arta Fundi:

Your donations to the Detroit Artists Market through the  Arta Fundi are tax deductible.  The Arta Fundi will print you a receipt for your tax records.

The Arta Fundi accepts "old style" U.S. paper currency:  ones,  twos, fives., tens and twenties.   It also accepts coins and, sometimes, will respond to them, but it does not tally them.  Only paper currency is counted.

The Arta Fundi keeps track of the amount of paper currency you put in and deducts the cost of your selections when you make them.

The Arta Fundi  will tell you the cost of offerings and give you the opportunity to select them. It will also tell you the amount of your unused credit.  If you need to put in more money, the Arta Fundi will prompt you. The cost of your selection will be deducted from your unused credits.

If you do not put in the required amount,  you will be offered a printed receipt for your donation.  Once your reciept is printed, the Arta Fundi will cancel your unused credits and return to the beginning of the program to look for a new donor.

You may continue by putting money in any time before your receipt is actually printed.

If you wish to pause the Arta Fundi to consider options or to consult with friends or for any reason, then toggle the red switch below the yellow circled button to the right (towards the " | | " mark).  It may take a moment, but the program eventually will stay paused.  When the switch is pushed to the left (towards the triangle mark) it will resume where it left off.

Have fun!   The Arta Fundi loves you for your generousity. . .  and so does the D.A.M.