Artworks offered by the Arta Fundi
in order of possible  appearance
giving price, length and clues (where needed) to finding them.

((preliminary joke - $1 - 10 sec)
Poems - "Something to Spare" and "You Stuck?" written and performed by Larry Pike - (sometimes when you are slow putting in enough money)
Monolog - "Seven Zen Stories", composed and performed by David Barr - $3 each - 43 sec. (first one)
Music - "Nice Place to Paint" (Mellow) - $4 - 1 min. 23 sec. and "Weather's So Bad" (Raucous)- $5 - 43 sec.- by  Frank E. Pahl,
David Greenberger and Melamid and Komar's accompanying paintings.
Image - "This Is In fact That Certificate", "Aesthetic Content Certificate", color prints by Pallas -$3 each (at the Aesthetic Verifying Place. If you're amused by eavesdropping on Chief Zalewski, don't press the button until she starts counting backwards, but, then press it quick! )
Image - "Cash Flow", color print by Stephen Goodfellow - $8 (from Max in graphics who's having trouble with his intercom)
Music -"Mona Lisa's Not So Well" a song by Kurt Loren-FREE-2 min. 23 sec.
Monolog - Mona Leo Video/Phone Gossip composed by Pallas and performed by Herbert Ferrer. - $9 - 5 min. (from Mr. Blabbermouth)
Music -  "All Around the World" - $7 - 50 sec. Little Willy John ("that old song about the Mona Lisa")
Monolog - "Comment on L.H.O.O.Q"(Mona Lisa Postcard with a mustache) by Marcel Duchamp - $4 - 23 sec.
Image - "Artists Are Quacks"- $10 color print by Rose Stasuk (She's in the Goddess' rolodex!")
Poems - Seven poems written and performed by Ken Mikolowski - $2 - (7 sec, first one)
Poem -  "No Money in Art" written by Jim Gustafson and performed by Robert Jones - $7 (Advice from the job counseling office.)
Image -  "Illustration" (of Gustafson poem), color print by by Jerome Ferretti - $9
Monolog -"No Time for Art" by Diane Spodarek performed by Miriam Yezbick- $6 - 4 min. (Dangerous Diane phones in a report)
Poem - "Success, I Spit!", poem by M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band - $6 - (1 min. 30 sec.)
Image - "Blizzard", black and white print by Lowell Boileau  - $10 (Max tells of strange happenings in the press room.)
Monolog -Thalia's Knock Knock Jokes and Riddles  performed by Alexandra Hughes- $1 each
Images - "Can Fly", "Can't Fly" and "Go, Dog. Go", black and white prints by Daniel Cascardo - $5 each
Monolog -"Borges and Cartier-Bresson", a story by Pablo Cabado with photo by Pedro Meyer - $20 - 3 min.
Music-"Twittering Machine" musical sculpture, by Frank Pahl-$25 4 min.

If you plan to visit the Arta Fundi during its field test at the Detroit Artists Market until July 11, 2000, print the page above and take it with you.
Realize that if you deposit eleven dollars and don't select anything that cost money, the hypertext narrative (The voices in the sculpture) will take you all the way to Daniel Cascardo's 3 prints. It will take about twelve minutes to do this.

But before you start interacting with the Arta Fundi, look at Cascardo's three images displayed on the side of the white "Cabinet." Pick out the two you want so when Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, finally offers them to you, you can pick the two you want.  Or, maybe, you'd prefer Lowell Boileau's "Blizzard" foregoing the opportunity to play straight man to  Thalia's knock-knock jokes and riddles.  (They ARE pretty lame.)
But you DO want to spend your deposited money somewhere because when you come to the point where the next feature costs more than your Arta Fundi donor credits and you refuse to put the required amount in, your receipt is printed and you forfeit your credits.
So, sometime before the Borges and Cartier-Bresson story($20) or the Twittering Machine  ($25), you'll want to "spend" your eleven dollars.

On the other hand, If you want to make a more generous donation to the Artists Market, during this field test, $182 will "buy" everything in the Arta Fundi and it will take about a hour and a half to do it. (Have the staff bring you a stool and use the pause toggle freely)
This is not bad, especially when you consider that Goodfellow's "Cash Flow," Boileau's "Blizzard", Cascardo's "Can't Fly", "Can Fly" and "Go, Dog. Go!" and Pallas' Certificates are all original prints available only from the Arta Fundi. They're on the side of the white "Cabinet."
And it's for a good cause.

More hints and tips on interacting with the Arta Fundi.