Detroit Free Press, June 4, 2000, p.1G, Keri Guten Cohen.
"...Pieces ... are interspersed throughout the high-ceilinged space, with Pallas' funky fund-raising sculpture taking center stage in the middle of the gallery.
The talking sculpture is an engaging electrified assemblage, part painted-covered office equipment and books, part bird cage with toy moo-boxes on a rotisserie, part money-eatng monster. Answer a ringing phone to hear instructions about making donations to DAM. . . ."

Detroit News, June  9, 2000. p. 7d, Joy Hackanson Colby, Detroit News Art Critic.
". . . An amazing electronic creature by Jim Pallas steals the show, giving the market's new home a send-off the Detroit art community won't forget. Like the rest of the good stuff, the Pallas piece requires one-on-one attention to get the most out of it."

June 13, 2000, Feature Story on The Arta Fundi at The Detroit Artists Market.

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