The Twittering Machine

(Click here to hear the sound it makes)

Frank Pahl's Twittering Machine consists of two table-top electric organs, two rotating barbecue spits, one festooned with bells and "cat cans" and the other with "cow cans".  These "cans" are those little noise makers that have a weight inside and a bunch of holes on one end where you turn them over and they go "MEEOOOOW" or "MOOOOoooo". Frank calls the spit of "cow cans" The Moo Cow Barbecue.  It's "roasts" nicely over a electric set of fake burning "fire place logs" mounted on a three legged pedestal.  The illuminated "cat can spit" is roasting over the electric table-top organs inside of a large bird cage. Two large plastic frogs croak in response to the blinking lights.  When the Arta Fundi program commands, this assemblage is activated by a binary counter that turns its elements on and off.

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