Clockwork Fish

This sculpture hangs from the ceiling.  It's behavior is governed by a versatile timer, two motor operated relays, and an infra-red sensor that responds to people in its area.  The behaviors are comprised of tail wagging, slow opening and closing mouth - you know, the way fish do- an intermittently illuminating green light bulb  and an internal fan whose breeze waves dollar bills. The timer allows the artwork's kinetic activities to be on or off in 15 minute blocks thoughout a 24 hour cycle. Regardless of the timer's settings, the infra-red sensor turns on a green light bulb whenever it detects a person moving nearby.
It operates on house current (1 amp. (max.) at 120 V.A.C.)
A transcript of a short talk about this piece by the artist.


Clockwork Fish  2003
15" x 19" x 41".  Weighs approx. 12 lbs.
White lacquer on welded steel and timer, Infra-red sensor, motors, light bulb, fan dollar bills
 Currently on view at Lewis and Clark School of Law, Portland Oregon

Clockwork Fish 2  2004
21" x 15" x 41" white lacquer on welded steel and timer, infra-red sensor, motors,timers,  light bulb, fan,stick, beads and bells.

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