Below is the gist of the flyer that became the main instrument of an activity as absurd as that in which the United States was engaging with the Soviet Union at the time (1984).

Call for Entries

International Alternative Arms Race

ELIGIBILTY: Anyone may enter. International artists are encouraged.

TO ENTER: Make an arm that is easy to carry.
Write or permanently attach this message:

"International Alternative Arms Race

After crossing a border, add your nanme, date and border and give to someone who will be crossing another border soon. After January 1, 1984, give to someone going top the United States to mail to:
Finish Line"
(This was followed by a now defunct address in Detroit, Michigan.)
and anything else you wish. Then attach enough postage to mail the arm to Detroit from anywhere in the USA. ($3.00 sends 3 pounds from California) Finally give the arm to someone crossing a border soon. What constitutes a border is defined by the arm's current carrier.
All arms received at the Finish Line before June 1984 will be exhibited at the Winner's Circle Show at the Detroit Focus (non-profit art) Gallery in June 1984.
Winners in several catagories will be selected by public vote. Arms will be sold.  All proceeds will go to the arms control movement (Physicians for Social Responsibility).  Unsold arms will be burned during the Detroit/Windsor Freedom Festival.
(Click here for an image of the flyer)

 Above are some of the arms raced. Aproximately one in ten made it to the Finish Line. Over sixty arms showed up. Many had traveled to Asia and Europe.One was signed by crew members on a U. S. submarine tender in the North Sea!

Click for detail of the lead and gold arm.

  made possible by support from Detroit Art Works 

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