Demoiselle H. H.

 Femme Detroit Flyer

When this flyer for a show of Detroit artists flew in though my mail slot, I said "Wow!  Somebody else is putting cut out figures on the road."  I immediately recognized the figure as being a central personage in Picasso's 1907 painting, "Demoiselles D'Avignon", a seminal painting in the orthodoxy of Modern Art.  However, the more I looked at the flyer, I was not convinced it was an actual cut out placed on the shoulder of the expressway.  There's something odd about the light and the figure has been reversed to better fit the  composition of the roadside scene.  I called Lynn Galbreath, one of the twelve women artists in the show at the Ceres Gallery in New York and the designer of the advertisement.  She readily confessed that it was a Photoshop creation.  She was delighted that I wanted to make her idea a reality by cutting and painting the figure, life sized,  from half inch plywood.  I explained that, in the past, all my Hitch Hikers were of living people who agreed to take temporary possession of their Hitch Hiker, write something on its back, and abandon it.  Since this  Hitch Hiker has no living* counterpart in reality, I asked Lynn to accept the role which she did.

Before leaving me for Lynn, the Demoiselle H. H. did me the service of escorting me to a few spots around Detroit.

.N'Kisi N'Kondi
A visit by the Demoiselle H.H. may suggest
an answer to the public's question:
"What's Rodin's Thinker thinking about?"
Inside the Detroit Institutes of Arts, the lady visits a distant relative. A more immediate kin was suprised to see her turn up in Modern Art but enjoyed the visit.

Booby Trap

The lady also went  to some of the local hot spots including this drinking establishment, a favorite among voyeurs' enjoying the sighs, signed and sights along Detroit's infamous border, Eight Mile Road, but none reminded her of the old haunts back in Avignon.
The other day, I notice this HitchHiker had no followup, so I wrote Lynn .

Hi Lynn,
If you recall from 17 years ago, in 2004, I sent this Hitchhiker to you to possess for a year,  write something on the back of it then abandon it. Im curious what you wrote, (if you remember!) But you dont have to tell me. For the record (web page,) where did you abandon it? I hope all is well with you and yours. Regards,

May 2, 2021

Hi Jim.
Wow! Thanks for sending this. Those were great days. And I loved this project. I ended up placing it in the Center for Creative Studies Sculpture Park one evening in clear site. I do not remember what I wrote on back side and cannot find the photo I took of Sue Carman and I placing it there. Will look again. How are you doing? What a crazy year. Hope you made it through ok. My studio is in Pontiac if you ever feel like seeing the work. 
To creativity.

* Demoiselles D'Avignon (Girls of Avignon) refers to a brothel Picasso frequented in the South of France when he was a young man.



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