To make a Hitchiker:

1. Make the subject promise that in return for the Hitchiker, they will write something on the back and , in good faith, abandon it within one year.

2. Have the subject assume a hitchiking pose of their choice while standing in front of a sufficiently large sheet of material (1/2 inch exterior grade plywood or "oriented strand sheathing"). If hauling a piece of plywood from the subject to the work area is not convenient, a portable pattern may be created on a large piece of paper. The subject should be as close as posible to the tracing surface (at most, a few incvhes) so that the projected shadow is minimally enlarged. Next, use a sun-reflecting mirror held by an assistant at least 100 feet away to trace the subject's silhouette. As the assistant follows the artist's hand around the outline of the subject, the artist traces the shadows edge. If sunlight (highly preferable) is not available, at night, a car with one headlight covered (tin foil) is an acceptable substitute.

3. At the same time, take two photos (polaroids), one of the subject's face and another of their pose, both from the angle of view of the mirror holder. Try not to use a flash for this image since a flash washes out the modeling of the subject.

4. Cut out the plywood silhouette, make a simple slot base using some of the scrap plywood.

5. Paint it to look as much like the subject as skill permits.

6. Photograph the Hitchiker in a place typical of the subject. Photograph the Hitchiker next to the subject.

7. Give the Hitchiker to the subject. Ask them to contribute a copy of any documentation genrated in connection with the Hitchhiker.


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