Hitchiker of Jim Laur

Hitchiker of James M. Laur
(my father-in-law) 

I thought "Cool!" when I learned that my sitting Buddha Hitchiker had showed up at the gallery. So I asked my father-in-law to stand against the plywood. I instructed Jason to stand off some distance and follow my hand with a mirror-reflection of the sun as I traced my father-in-law's partially projected shadow on the vertical sheet of plywood. I took a polaroid of my father-in-law in the pose. I cut out the plywood shape and painted it to look like the polaroid and gave it to him. After a few days, he wrote a message and set it on a nearby road trying to get it to his brother Hollie in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

It was gone the next day and, later, Hollie got a post card from Wildwood Florida in which a  Mr. Art Edlin of  Sumner, Michigan said that he had "picked up your hitch hiking brother Jim and took him to Florida."  Hollie didnt know anything about the hitch hiking plywood and thought they were talking about the flesh and blood Jim.

Concerned at his brother's erratic behavior, Hollie wrote Jim in Detroit and was relieved to hear about the wayward cut-out.

Click here for a Mt. Vernon Register-News account details (with photos) the  episode.

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