Hitchiker of Charles McGee

Charles McGee is one of Detroit's major artists. The Detroit Institute of Arts was prescient enough to acguire one of his large paintings called "Noah's Ark". "Noah's Ark" is the title of a series of paintings McGee has been creating for several years relating to the concept that the planet Earth is a kind of ark that contains a delicate population of organisms and human cultures that have a sacred mission.
To continue, click on image for a close up of the hitchhiker placed in front of one of McGee's large paintings.

A realistic portrait painted on a life-sized cut-out form can have a remarkable verisimilitude.
McGee's studio is a converted storefront on Detroit's westside across the street from Marygrove College. When I delivered The finished Hitchhiker to the alley entrance of his studio, I set it up a few feet away, facing his door and rapped on the steel panel of the outer security door and step aside out of sight.

To continue, click on this image for a close up of McGee, himself, and the hitchhiker.


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