Hitchhiker of  Whistler's Mother
James McNeill Whistler's Painting          HitchHiker of Whistler's mother

As I sawed out and painted the principal figure in "Arrangement in Grey and Black ," I polled several people as to who they thought, in the Detroit art community,  most deserved the title "Art Mother".  Gilda Snowden, Joy Colby and MaryAnn Wilkenson were among those named.  But several nominated Diane Kirkpatrick, professor emeritus in the Art History department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for her nurturing influence and mentoring of artists, writers, curators and art historians over the course of a long illustrious career.
I explained the "shares" concept and assured her that she could write anything on the back of it and abandon it not necessarily on a road, but anywhere.  She agreed to collaborate.

Chuck sharing a birthday sentiment with Mom.

Dr. Stefan Fajans (left) specialist in diabetes at U Medical school, retired and Dr. Hal Juran, dermatologist trying to ignore Mom in the corner
I left the Hitch Hiker with her in her Ann Arbor Apartment.   She soon left for her pied-a- terre in London but not before accompanying Mom to a birthday party for Charles Kelly.
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