Potentially Dangerous

Diane Spodarek

photo:Kimo De Sean

"Potentially Dangerous."  3:15 minutes.
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  Diane Spodarek projected her persona, Dangerous Diane, as dissatisfied suburban house wife turned hardened rock star in musical performances with the band,  the Cadillac Kids, at venues as varied as the Detroit Institute of Arts, Clutch Cargo's and the New Miami Bar.   Diane and husband Randy Delbeke also found time to chronicle the Motown art scene by publishing the Detroit Artists Monthly magazine.  Along side of reviews and articles, they frequently conducted interviews with name artists who were visiting  the Detroit Institute of Arts   (e.g. Ray johnson interview) with the aid of John Hallmark Neff  who was curator of Twentieth Century Art.
As a constantly moving source of ideas, she left a vacuum in the suprisingly vital Detroit art community when she left for N.Y.C. in the early nineteen eighties.

Diane's art was edgy and controversial.

Postcard announcement for "Potentially Dangerous"-D. Spodarek

This phone event captures many of the elements of her work: the longing for contact with a larger world, the restrictions of domesticity, the bleak  physical environment of Detroit.  The background sound of water throughout adds suggestions of ablution or, maybe, chores.

Seven years later Dangerous Diane reads some poetry in another phone event for the Detroit Institute of Arts' exhibit "Automobile Culture - Detroit Style."

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