Car; San Francisco (click to commence streaming RealAudio)
by Faye Kicknosway

Hi. My name's Naomi.
I live in the Mission district in San Francisco.
Until about ~ years ago I didnt have a car.
I kind of resented them.
My landlord, Oscar, lives upstairs but his garage
is under my bedroom. Almost every morning
there's this terrible noise.
The whole room shakes.I mean, things
fall off the walls.The first few times I heard
it 1 was really scared. I thought it was the earthquake.

Oscar never opens the garage door until after
 the car starts.  He keeps goosing it to make sure
 it's really going.  And the radio,
as far as he's concerned the radio is part of the magic
that makes the car go.

At first 1 tried to talk to him about it.He's hard
of hearing so I had to yell. "Oscar",I said,
"Do you think you could be more quiet with your car?"
He grinned and nodded his head yes.
But it was the same.  Finally, 1 got used to it.
1 don't even wake up now.

Five years ago I started cleaning houses for a living.
That's when 1 bought the car.
Most of my clients are in Marin.

I had no idea parking would be such a problem.
Is it like this in Detroit?
Sometimes I park on the sidewalk. It's okay
 to do that for a little while, but you leave
your car there too long, they tear your fender off.
People are very lazy;they don't like
to walk around
something like a car
parked on the sidewalk
in front of them.

1 tried to park across the street.
Ihere's usually a space between those garages
just the size of my car.
I got my ties slashed.

Sometimes if I'm real sweet to him, Oscar
will let me park in his driveway.
But that doesn't happen often.
So 1 park on the sidewalk and look out the window
a lot, waiting for somebody on my side
on the street
to move his car.