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Car Phonevents at the  Detroit Institute of Arts

Sponsored by Time Magazine, "Automobile and  Culture - Detroit Style", an exhibit about automobiles in art and society, ran from June 12 to September 8, 1985 at the Detroit Institute of Arts (D.I.A.).  The exhibit originated at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles but appeared drastically altered for it's Detroit showing.  Davira Taragin, curator of the modern art department at the D.I.A., said the L.A. show "took a social-histoical view of international automobiles, while we are emphasing American design between 1925 and 1950."

Several features were added for the Detroit show.  One of those was a series of telephone events commissioned by the D.I.A. and produced by Jim Pallas, originator of the art form he calls Phonevents.  Pallas selected Spodarek, Pike, Hall and Yager because they had produced successful phone events for an earlier project of Pallas'.  He  also admired the work of Kicknosway, Pori-Pitts and Cartwright and asked them to produce an event.  Each of these works was available in sequence for a two week period during the run of the show to the telephoning public.

 Diane Spodarek - "Vito Vito Vito"  2:49 minutes.

Faye Kicknosway - "Car-San Francisco" 2:42 minutes
performed by Lavinia Moyer.

Brian Hall - "Transmission of the Lamp" 2:16 minutes
Sounds derived from a parking lot light.

Larry Pike - "Untitled" 2:46 minutes

Ibn Porri-Pitts "The Foundries" 2:21 minutes
Bernard Avery on piano and vibes.

James Cartwright "Automobile" 2:23 minutes

Jay Yager "First Cars" 2:37 minutes