Street Directions
Lynn Farnsworth.

"Street Directions"  3 min

At the end of this Phone Event of intricate street directions, the suggestion that you might need a map is to be taken seriously.  Farnsworth's three minute recitation of right turns and street names negotiates a strange layout of streets on the border of Detroit and its suburb most identified with Henry Ford, Dearborn.
Of the many possible meanings, one that leaps to the  mind of any long-time resident is race.  Dearborn was mayored from 1942 to 1978 by Orville Hubbard, a politician secure in his office thru the appeal of blatant racism to the white voters of Dearborn.  Detroit, especially under the leadership of  Coleman Young in 1973,  represented a struggle for racial justice.  With a map, the street-wise caller can see that Farnsworth's  directions describe a spiral that terminates at an "X" intersection precisely on the border of these two communities.
 "And you'll be there!", she exclaims.
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