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The artworks of Jim Pallas are generally interactive, performing sculptures that depend on a combination of electronic logic and environmental stimulation produce behaviors of movement, sound, light, or other phenomena. He began creating responsive, content-laden kinetic sculpture in the l960's.His pieces utilize a wide variety of materials, include verbal and visual symbolism and often represent creatures or personages.

He has exhibited extensively and received wide recognition and numerous awards. His work has been selected for international awards and exhibitions in France, Austria, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.
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How I went "electric"
Electricity is not a traditional medium in in the visual arts.  None of my university professors ever mentioned it.   The supposedly "hip" director of Detroit's infamous Willis Gallery in the Cass Corridor opined to me in 1973 that art and electricity don't belong together.   Other gallerists suggested I contact Radio Shack.  I'm often asked why and how, as an artist, did I go "electric".
The links below illustrate my initial steps off the traditional artists' path and into the trackless wilderness of electronic art.
This initial screen above is a more or less traditional artist's resume. but click on number 1. below to follow my path.  Notice that there are several links  to related subjects. dont follow those if you want a coherent story of how I got electric.  After visiting each link, back track to this page and click the next link to continue to follow the path.   When done, return to any page to investigate the links of digressions.  This website is a web of connections.  It is designed for wandering.
 1. http://www.jpallas.com/BIO/Jpbioinf-rem.html
2.  http://www.jpallas.com/prekinetic/zap.html
3.  http://www.jpallas.com/prekinetic/lightv.html
4.  http://www.jpallas.com/prekinetic/wp.html
5.  http://www.jpallas.com/earlykinetic/jppfbl.html
There are a lot of artworks between J.P.P.FB.L. (1973) and the Senate Piece (1980), but now you know my first steps on path I am exploring.

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