CENTURY OF LIGHT (1980) is the world's first large public permanent electronic interactive sculpture. Shown here responding to a dance performance, was located in downtown Detroit. It was a suspended 18 foot (5.5 meters) diameter mandala of 144 one foot (30 cm) diameter light spheres displaying computer animated patterns.

The sculpture generated the patterns in response to the movements of people around it. It used micro-wave radar and a photocell for input information. The PROGMOD is a programming module that electronically duplicates the Century of Light.

5 minute clip from Sue Marx's 1980 Emmy-winning film, "Jim Pallas : Electronic Sculptor" showing the PROGMOD
in Pallas' studio and then a dance rehearsal and performance by the Harbinger Dance Troupe  with the Century of Light..


Century of Light: Six minute video

PROGMOD :Off-site programming module

Technical: Information and images of the Century of Light

Proposed:  Demonstration of the manala

Animated Rendering: Temporary mandala on a building

Labyrinth: Futile attempt to save the artwork.


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