"Art Giants in Detroit" is an homage to the dozen plus sturdy creative souls who have remained to work and contribute to the mostly hidden life of the community.  These are individuals that I have observed for over 50 years whose persistence, and inner integrity have been a beacon to many countless younger artists. In the Detroit art community, they have grown to be regarded as giants.

I am humbled that they let me portray them.

April 27 through July 21, 2012,  Reception for the artist on April 27, 6:00- 9:00
N'Namdi Gallery, 52 E. Forest Detroit

These paintings follow a strict format of directly lit, emotionally neutral  faces, no make up, looking at the viewer and cropped so that only eyes, nose and mouth fill the frame. The works are four feet square and  made of urethane foam on a substrate of expanded styrene.  All are painted with pigmented epoxy.   
Although they look like paintings, especially when photographed with a flash,
 I regard them as sculptures because the surfaces are very dimensional.
 In this aspect they are like reliefs but are unlike reliefs in that the three dimensional shapes
of the surface have no correlation to the painted facial features. 
This is illustrated in the details of the McGee near the page bottom.
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Dennis Nawrocki  2010 (50" x 50")  Gilda Snowden  2010 (50" x 50")

Sue Marx  2010 (50" x 50")  Michael Hall  2010 (50" x 50")

Tyree Guyton   (2010)  50" x 50"  Sergio De Guisti (2010) 50" x 50"

Joy Colby (2010) 50" x 50 Gerhardt Knodel (2010) 50" x 50"

Jef Bourgeau
Jef Bourgeau George N'namdi

Bill RauhauserBob Sestok

Lila Silverman
Alvaro JuradoLila Silverman

David Barr
David Barr
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Charles McGee  (2010) 50" x 50"   Angle view of mouth and beard  Surface in raking light

Foam Paintings

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