"I Hope I Haven't Called at a Bad Time...."From the Phoneyvent, "Wondering"

As I "delivered" the first Phoneyvents a procedure developed. The recipients were listed in an small book, appropriately enough, a Telephone number book. The Phoneyvent would be cued up on an audio cassette tape player. The player was patched into the phone line. DC voltage isolation was obtained by using a 50 mfd capacitor in series. I dialed the recipient's number and when they answered, I played the event while listening in. If someone else answered, I asked for the recipient without identifying myself. If they insisted in knowing who was calling, I simply told them "a friend". Any remarks the recipient made were noted in the book along with the log of the call. I did not respond to remarks or questions. When the Phoneyvent was over I hung up.

As word got around about this activity, people asked to be put on the list of recipients. Events were delivered to people in their orignal order of creation. In oher words, a latecomer to the list got Phoneyvent number one (Wrong Number) first, number two (Time) second and so forth. Eventually, this became a lot of work and record keeping and led to the invention of the Dialevent.

Today, listening to the selections below through a computer is not the same as in 1978, "getting it in the ear" when you least expect it. So use your imagination.

Selected Original PhoneyVents from 1973 to 1977.

This very first Phoneyvent was almost completely "transparent". Many recipients hung up before the end.
"Wrong Number." 30 seconds.

Recipients of this second Phoneyvent realized something strange was happening. They stayed until the signature at the end.
"At the Tone the Time Will Be...."  40 seconds.

This third Phoneyvent was the first not "collaged" from telephone material. It addresses the fact that I am interupting the recipient for art purposes.
"Allow These Things to Close." 52 seconds.

Neil Armstrong's message from the surface of the moon, time shifted and delivered by phone makes an irresistable Phoneyvent.
"A Small Step." 13 secondss.

Another astronaut communication involves John Carpenter's observation of some mysterious "fireflies" over Baja California.
"Fireflies". 47 SECONDS.

Once it was well established among the recipients that these Phoneyvents were emanating from myself, I felt the time was ripe for, at least, some to receive an "anonymous obscene phone call". Do not download this file if you are under 18 years of age or offended by the "F" word or if it is illegal to do so in your area.
"Anonymous Obscene Phone Call" ,37 seconds.

Of all the Phoneyvents and Dialeyvents that I created, this is the one I most enjoyed delivering.
"Wondering"  1:40 minutes.

Jim Pallas. All rights reserved. 1998. However the lovely concept of "fair use" certainly allows one to download these to one's favorite audio media, call up one's friends and suprise them.
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